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Wreck It Ralph – 03/03/2013 @ Cineworld, Bristol

March 7, 2013

While I had time to kill between an early SUNDAY morning staff meeting and a 1pm shift, I thought I’d for once take advantage of the fact I work at Cineworld and watch a movie. Disney’s latest Blockbuster Wreck It Ralph happened to be playing, so I thought it would definitely be a good way to spend a Sunday morning after a boring staff meeting!

                First of all, I really liked the concept of the movie – arcade game characters who are alive and putting on a show for the gamers. It’s a bit like Toy Story, with video game characters. The central character is Ralph. He is a 9 ft tall giant with huge hands, whose role in the game ‘Fix it Felix Jr’ is to wreck buildings. The object of the game is to fix what Ralph wrecks by directing Fix it Felix to go and repair what Ralph has destroyed with his magic hammer.  When the customers and the workers leave the arcade, the characters have their free time while no one is watching. Ralph is generally unsatisfied with his ‘bad guy’ role as he is generally ignored and sleeps in a pile of bricks, unlike the good guy Felix, who gets to live in a penthouse. Ralph spends his free time going to a bad guy support group which includes Zangief and M Bison out of Street Fighter II, the ghost from Pacman and many others. The scene that unfolds is hilarious!

                Ralph only sees one option – to be a good guy! To do this, he has to win a medal, then he will have a good life like Felix. Seizing an opportunity by dressing as a futuristic soldier, he escapes to the new first person shooter game called ‘Heroes Duty’ to try and attain his dream. He wins his medal, but due to his general clumsiness, he causes havoc and unwittingly releases a deadly virus that could destroy every video game. Not only that, he accidently lands in the candy themed racing game Sugar Rush (similar to Mario Cart).  Due to his absence from the game ‘Fix it Felix jr’ the gamers think that the game is not working properly, so the game has an out of order sticker placed on it which pretty much means it will be unplugged the next day. This calls for Fix it Felix to leave the game and find Ralph before the game is unplugged. What follows is a series of whacky and fun adventures. Ralph befriends a glitch named Vanellope Von Schweetz , who steals Ralphs precious medal so she can take part in a race to become queen. Ralph tries to help her so he can get his medal back. Meanwhile, Fix it Felix meets the tough but vulnerable female Seargent Calhoun while looking for Ralph in ‘Heroes Duty’. She reluctantly helps him to find Ralph and Fix it Felix instantly falls in love with her. There is also the virus problem to sort out as Ralph has accidently infected ‘Sugar Rush’ with it.

 There are some familiar and predictable story arcs found here like in most animated features. Ralph becomes very good friends with Venellope even though it started as an arrangement so he can get his medal. He obviously learns he is still the’ bad guy’ for having such a selfish ambition and realises the importance of friendship.  Yes it is familiar, but still a lot of fun. Ralph is a character you can sympathise with and he is a likeable klutz. Fix it Felix is the annoyingly positive and goody-two-shoes character. The inventive concept is something for the kids to be amazed and excited by, while the adults can bask in nostalgia with characters from retro games they grew up with such as Sonic the Hedgehog, Pacman and Street Fighter II. The story also throws in a few surprises which I was not expecting. With so much happening in the film, it is very well paced and does not feel crammed with hyper active dialogue and action in which I feel is the downfall of many animated features. It is a film despite its familiar territory that makes an audience of all ages smile with its usual lessons of achieving your goals despite your life circumstances and what it is to be a true friend.


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