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My Top 5 Films of the Year So Far.

July 2, 2013

There have been many releases so far this year, most of them as always have not really interested me. Many sequels and rehashes continue to dominate the cinema, leaving not much in the way of new and original ideas for mainstream cinema. Through scratching the surface and looking beneath the mainstream, I have found some challenging new ideas on screen. What I have seen so far this year is the tip of the iceberg to what has been released so far. If I have left out anything that you feel should blatantly be in the top 5, it is probably because I have not seen it. After careful consideration, here is my top 5.


5 – The Sessions.

A brave and admirable depiction of a sensitive issue that I feel is lacking in cinema. John Hawkes puts on one of the performances of the year. Highly recommmended!


4 –  Mud 

A lovingly crafted and sweet coming of age story, creating a memorable cinematic experience. With excellent cinematography in an interesting part of the world, combined with strong performances, this is a film well worth seeing.


3 – McCullen

This was the first film I saw this year, and what a great start it was. A very insightful documentery on the life of a war photographer. Some powerful stock footage and a fascinating insight of such and extraordinary life and how all these experiences of war have effected a man.


2 – Before Midnight

Richard Linklater shows strength in maturity in the latest installment of ‘Before…’ films. What we see here is a continually evolving love story beautifully acted and scripted!


1 – Stoker

One of the most intense and dark cinematic experience of the year so far. Chan Wook Park makes a film that is more subtle and creepy than his past offerings, and does it brilliantly with masterful visual artestry and symbolism, creating a twisted family love story that is memorable and shocking. Admittedly, I did not fully understand the film, but I’m sure I will enjoy repeated viewings of this in years to come!



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