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Cycling With Moliere – 08/07/2014 @ The Watershed, Bristol.

July 22, 2014

Lambert Wilson and Fabrice Luchini star as Gauthier and Serge respectively in this French comedy drama about two egocentric, narcissistic actors who have the chance to put their past grievances aside. Gauthier is the more successful actor as he is in a central role in a popular TV series, whereas Serge has quit acting and has decided to live as a hermit on an island. Gauthier turns up to his home and offers him a part in the play Le Misanthrope. Serge agrees to practice reading the part for a week and give an answer after the week is over. During the course of the week, they bicker about which parts they want to play, how the words should be said and they compete over the local feisty but attractive Italian woman Francesca (Maya Sansa).
During the course of the movie, it becomes increasingly apparent that Serge is playing Gauthier for a fool and wants to try and exact some kind of revenge on him by subtly denting his ego. Could Serge be the misanthrope like Moliere’s play? It seems that he does read the part very well and he always wants to play that particular part.
The two central performances are very good as it is a film about acting. They are very complex and masculine characters who play well together. The film has a few light comic touches as well as the melodramatic element. The problem with it is it’s not entirely memorable. It seems like a bit of light entertainment to pass the time, and once it is over, the film will be eventually forgotten. It still managed to surpass the low expectations I had when entering the cinema at least.


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